During the first 6 months of 2018, FundConnect's PRIIPsHub division has executed a very successful implementation of its MiFID and PRIIPs related data collection services.
The implementation has included adding well over 100 distributors, including banks, fund of funds, platforms, insurance companies and wealth managers to the FundConnect data platform,consuming a variety of MiFID and PRIIPs related information. PRIIPsHub currently has over 90.000 EMTs in its database, along with over 42.000 EPTs and a wide variety of documents, both KIIDs and KIDs, spanning a wide range of product types and from a wide variety of jurisdictions.
PRIIPsHub has also successfully implemented data and document push services for its asset manager clients, who are providing EMTs, EPTs and documents to over 150 recipients throughout Europe in most of the major countries.
Find out more about PRIIPsHub here: www.priipshub.com