With the looming deadline of January 2016, the French (AFG via Club Ampere), German (BVI) and UK (IMA) fund associations are working to finalize the Tripartite Data Exchange Template (TPT), which will provide a standardized reporting format for Solvency II information. The template is based on feedback from the asset managers, insurance companies and regulators.
The goals of the TPT are to:
•        provide investment & instrument details needed in the context of the Quantitative Reporting Templates;
•        provide investment & instrument details needed as input data for capital requirements computations in the context of the Solvency Capital Requirements (SCR’s);
•        provide risk measures (more precisely risk sensitivities) enabling the insurance company to quickly assess the risk profile of the investment fund;
•        provide indicative SCRs computed based on the EIOPA standardized approach; and 
•        create synergies by being able to “aggregate” all the information as within one standardised template. 
This common standardized approach is aimed at creating operational and cost efficiencies while bolstering data consistency and quality and reducing risk.  
At the current state “Version II” of the TPT is being further evaluated to determine what fields will be optional and mandatory, due to various country specific demands. The fund associations ask European asset managers to perform analysis of the current template and to use their knowledge of local markets to help make the final assessments of the optional and mandatory fields.