The Tripartite Reporting Template (TPT) is gaining even more traction as an industry standard for reporting of fund look-through data.
The TPT was originally conceived by BVI in Germany, club AMPÈRE (sponsored by the French asset management association) and The Investment Management Association in the UK, and subsequently adopted by Assogestioni (Italy), VOÏG (Austria), DUFAS (Netherlands), FundCollect (Denmark), ALFI (Luxembourg) and EFAMA.
In a pan-European context, a majority of asset managers are exploiting the benefits of using, what is becoming a de facto European standard, and are delivering look-through data in the TPT template. Most of the insurers and service providers throughout Europe are also employing the TPT in their collection activities.
In a Nordic context (excluding Denmark), there has been a bilateral approach, with the reporting being conducted as a mix of the industry backed TPT and other commercially driven templates. As Nordic asset managers move into cross border distribution activities outside of the Nordics, they are finding that they need to provide data in the TPT format, and are taking action to conform to the standard in order to ensure that they can accommodate the needs of their insurance clients.
An additional parameter that is being addressed is the actual format of the TPT documents, as insurers and service providers might want to receive the files in formats that are more easily imported as part of STP processing, such as CSV or in FundsXML.
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