All of FundConnect’s products are designed to work in concert to provide comprehensive solutions, or as standalone segments addressing specific needs. All of our products are designed specifically and exclusively for the fund industry.

Data Distribution & Collection

FundConnect provides data services and technical solutions for the collection, processing and distribution of fund data. The Data Management products are designed to be a part of logical and comprehensive solutions that address all of the data needs of fund groups, fund distributors, national fund associations, the Media, analysts, data vendors, regulators and other interested parties.

Web Solutions

Hosted and integrated applications and web solutions that range from specific modular components for fund data presentations, to entire web data flow solutions that work in concert with other services, such as Data and Document Management.

Document Management

Solutions for creation and management of prospectuses and other fund documents, that transform the document creation and approval process by employing a database approach. The services can be integrated with data from other FundConnect products, including Data Management services in order to promote the reuse of data in an effective manner.