Our vision is to be regarded by all our stakeholders within the fund industry as the preferred neutral fund data infrastructure for the entire European market.


Our mission is to offer customized state of the art services and solutions that ensure cost efficiency via advanced data automation and technology.


Innovation: It is the core driver for our organization; we constantly strive to make our existing products better and to develop new ones that meet the changing needs of our stakeholders.

Stakeholder centricity: Our stakeholders are at the center of our business and we set the needs of both asset management companies and fund distributors as priorities

Creating shared value: Via the support of industry institutions and by participating in various working groups, we are contributing to the development of a more efficient and transparent European fund industry.

Diversity: We are truly international and our organization reflects the diversity of our clients from a cultural and ethical perspective.

Creating Data synergies for the individual customer through optimal reuse of data across FundConnect’s multiple solutions or service modules

Creating overall stakeholder synergies at the technological level by facilitating a common industry driven product evolution and feature development, which can be shared by all stakeholders.