FundConnect Fund Data Ecosystem for Distributors

Our Fund Data Ecosystem stores data and documents for over 250.000 ISINs, from over 600 asset managers, where some asset managers are also Ecosystem members. Distributors will be able to consume freely all ISINs which are members of the Ecosystem. FundConnect services a large pan-European downstream network of distributors, banks, platforms, insurers, pension funds and fund of funds. Generally, FundConnect works with the following data types: Fund Documents, Holdings and Solvency II, MiFID and PRIIPs Data, NAVs, Static Data and more.

Benefits of Connecting to the Fund Data Ecosystem

Consortium of Distributors

Join our Consortium of Distributors and solve your Regulatory Reporting challenges. The incentive of the Consortium is to use a collective approach to ensure full data coverage, higher data quality, and an overall more robust and agile fund distribution process including expedient time to market for the sale of 3rd party products. FundConnect and a group of leading financial institutions have formed a Consortium and Fund Data Ecosystem to work collectively and create a unique business framework that achieves these goals and lowers costs for both distributors and product issuers.
  • Secure a business commitment from 3rd Party Funds
  • Achieve an improved and more agile fund distribution process
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements & reduce risk
  • Decrease time-to-market for making funds available for sale
  • Efficiency gains, with asset managers observing industry best practices in data deliveries
  • Ability to define a robust & cost efficient universe of 3rd party products for sale


Banks, Distributors, Online brokers, Insurance companies, Funds of Funds


Free UCITS KIIDs and PRIIPs KIDs, Free EMT, Year-End EMT, Free access to PRIIPsHub's portal with over 250.000 ISINs


We deliver bulk files via: Email, SFTP or Portal Downloads

Customised Data Collection

FundConnect also offers customised collection of data and documents. The services are fully tailored to your unique universe of ISINs and delivered in accordance to your system needs. We deliver data via email, sFPT, API or Web solutions. Our customised data collection service supports the regulatory requirements, such as MiFID II, PRIIPs, SFDR, Solvency II, IORP II and other regulations.

NAV, Dividents, Performance figures

Collect NAVs, dividends, performance figures and risk figures in a structured way and with the preferred frequency. After clarifying the requested ISINs list, FundConnect prepares the required data feed outputs and arranges delivery via the appropriate protocols. The deliveries can be customised based on your technical requirements. You can receive of the data in CSV, XML or TXT formats.
Our service is designed to make NAVs available real-time, the moment the prices are made available to the market by the Fund Groups. Several prices/NAVs can be received and processed during the day.

The time series data can also be integrated into your web solutions.

Basic Fund Information and Costs

Collect complete static data on funds from one source in a structured format. FundConnect’s Masterfile concept facilitates the collection of static data, including several sources in proprietary formats and data syntax. Our system converts the data into the required customised outputs which supports correct format, protocol or data syntax and ensures alignment of the information.
In accordance with clients’ required timing, the deliveries can be scheduled (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly) or performed ad-hoc upon instructions. FundConnect supports the openfunds initiative and can generate a number of other types of customised output templates. You can collect the data in CSV, XML or TXT formats.

Masterfile information can also be reused in web solutions and fact shees display within your portals.

EMT and EPT data

Comply with the MiFID and PRIIPs regulations. FundConnect assists banks, distributors and other relevant parties with collecting the European MiFID Template (EMT) and European PRIIPs Template (EPT) from fund managers or product manufacturers.
FundConnect’s business unit PRIIPsHub facilitates a fully outsourced collection and storage service with an audit trail of the required information. We maintain communication with the Fund Managers on clients’ behalf. Our compliance checks goal is to spot inconsistencies in the data provided and fund managers are contacted immediately for clarification.

FundConnect offers as well a dedicated End of Year Cost & Charges feed - clean feed containing only Year-End cost figures. The Consortium Members have a free access to EMT and EPT data from our Ecosystem Members.

Look-through Data

Collect look-through data or allocations from one source. Strong data coverage and data quality is monitored on an ongoing basis by FundConnect's Data analysts. The standard holdings deliveries include public holdings and allocations (i.e. Country Allocation, Region Allocation, Currency Allocation, Asset Type Allocation, Sector Allocation, Term to Maturity). The portfolio holdings will be delivered in accordance with the publication and embargo policies of the fund groups unless you are willing to enter the Non-disclosure Agreements in order to receive the most recent data with granulated security information. FundConnect's business unit TPTConnect ( performs specialised Regulatory look-through data collection services for insurance companies and pension funds to support them with Solvency II, IORP II, or other regulatory requirements.

FundConnect is an Administrator of the European Fund Classification (EFC), EFAMA's initiative to ensure transparency on the European funds market. The results of the classification can be at no charge incorporated with your holdings data feed.

KIID, PRIIPs KIDs, Prospectuses, Factsheets

Comply with regulatory requirements by sourcing the documents or reports via our advanced data ecosystem. Reduce resources by working with a dedicated partner for fully outsourced collection activities - FundConnect maintains communication with the Fund Managers on clients’ behalf.

Ensure a safe document archive as historical documents are archived and accessible for review for at least 10 years. Utilize our fixed link technology which always displays the most updated document version.

We work with a large number of documents:
- Prospectuses
- Factsheets
- Annual, Semi-Annual, Quarterly or Monthly reports
- Other documents

ESG Data and Document Collection

Access relevant ESG-data and documents by utilizing FundConnect’s capabilities. We handle the collection of EMT V3.1, prospectuses or the predefined SFDR standard template.

Minimize operational costs by allowing FundConnect to handle the full collection cycle and conduct communication with fund companies.

FundConnect Data Infrastructure Services

MiFID Data, PRIIPs Data and Documents
Solvency II, Look Through Data Exchange
Data for Nordic Funds and ETFs
Danish Fund Data Infrastructure

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