FundConnect’s Fund Data Ecosystem for Asset Managers

A prominent group of distributors have taken a collective approach to meet their objectives to improve the fund distribution process with a focus on regulatory compliance and improving their 3rd party product selection. FundConnect and the distributors have formed a Consortium and Fund Data Ecosystem to work collectively and create a unique business framework that creates a win-win for both asset managers and distributors. The FundConnect Data Ecosystem offers two types of memberships: Pass-Through and Compliance Membership.

Benefits of the Ecosystem Membership

  • Wider visibility for all your products to any distributor
  • Your products are ready for immediate sale opportunities
  • Expansion to new markets - by making all regulatory and other data available to new distributors
  • Create operational and storage efficiency with a central data hub
  • Improve data quality and meet distributor expectations
  • Strengthened branding with distributors
  • Free data exchange of EMT & KIIDs/KIDs for asset managers who qualify

Pass -Through Membership

Asset Managers deliver to FundConnect all data in industry formats, and distributors receive MIFID data free of charge:
- EMT data

*There are no costs for either fund companies or fund distributors within Pass-Through structure
*Required data to qualify as Pass-Through members: EMT, KIID/KID, COR, Static Data (Masterfile), NAV, Holdings (optional)

Compliance Membership

Compliance Membership allows fund companies to exchange all conventional public fund data to fund distributors and data vendors
Fund companies pay per ISIN or sub-fund fee and all fund distributors and data vendors can receive all data freely.
Data included within Compliance Membership:
- EMT data
- Masterfile
- NAV & Dividends
- Holdings (optional)

Customised Data Distribution

If you are interested in expanding your distribution service through one of the Ecosystem Membership types, we are happy to offer you additional distribution features. Our service is fully customisable, which means that we provide data in the correct formats via the recipient’s preferred delivery protocols. Additional features allow your recipients to receive the data in their preferred manner and greatly enhance data update timeliness and correctness.

NAV, Dividents, Performance figures

Distribute your NAVs, dividends, performance figures and risk figures in a structured way and with the preferred frequency. Several prices/NAVs can be received and processed during the day.

Our service is designed to make NAVs available real-time, the moment the prices are made available to the market by the Fund Groups.
The deliveries can be customised based on your receipeints technical requirements. The templates can be configured separately for each receipient and provided in CSV, XML or TXT formats.

Basic Fund Information and Costs

Ensure the consistency of your static data across platforms. Use one data system to update your data and set up further distribution when the changes are implemented.

FundConnect supports the openfunds initiative and can generate a number of other types of customised output templates to provide the data to all popular data vendors and platforms, such as Morningtar, FE Fundinfo, WM Daten.

Schedule the deliveries and notification regarding fund launches and ensure that all platforms will receive the necessary information on time.

EMT and EPT data

Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements by working with a partner who will disseminate the data accurately and in a timely manner. Fully outsourced pan-European distribution where FundConnect is responsible for the full cycle of dissemination, including keeping the contact with each of your recipients. Meet all your recipients’ formats and delivery protocol requirements.

We ensure a secure data exchange. We operate with a sophisticated data access structure where only recipients approved by you can gain access to the data. This is especially relevant for EPT data.

Use our data validation capabilities which highlights errors or inconsistencies in any of the fields and our centralized storage facility with a full audit trail and saving of historical data.

FundConnect offers production services of Regulatory Templates, such as EMT and EPT as well.

Look-through Data

Distribute your portfolio holdings according to your disclosure policies. Our system can help you to keep an overview of the recipients. You will be able to ensure relevant delays on data disclosure and necessary embargos.

Reduce resources by working with a dedicated partner for fully outsourced distribution activities - FundConnect maintains communication with the recipients on clients’ behalf.

Define holdings template according to your recipients requirements, whether it is a standard holdings delivery or a regulatory reporting in a TPT template.

FundConnect offers production services of Regulatory Templates, such as TPT as well.

KIID, PRIIPs KIDs, Prospectuses, Factsheets

Comply with regulatory requirements by making documents available to all your recipients. Reduce resources by working with a dedicated partner for fully outsourced distribution activities.FundConnect maintains communication with the recipients on clients’ behalf.

Ensure a safe document archive as historical documents are archived and accessible for review for at least 10 years. Utilize our fixed link technology which always displays the most updated document version, hence the recipients will always be able to retrieve the latest document version.

We work with a large number of documents:
- Prospectuses
- Factsheets
- Annual, Semi-Annual, Quarterly or Monthly reports
- Other documents

FundConnect also offers KIID/KID or Factsheet Production.

ESG Data and Documents Distribution

From 10 March 2021, asset managers in the EU need to update their prospectuses with information on whether the individual products are light green, dark green or products complying with the issuer's general ESG policy. These requirements are defined in the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR). FinDatEx has accommodated this evolution by introducing a new version of European MiFID Template (EMT) version 3.1, that includes additional ESG fields.

Fund Groups are also obliged to update their prospectuses with SFDR information on the sustainability category from 10 March 2021. Furthermore, before 1 January 2022, fund groups must also comply with the detailed requirements in the Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS) about what to publish in their prospectuses about light green and dark green products. This must be done by using a predefined standard template.

Outsource the distribution of EMT V3.1, prospectuses and predefined SFDR standard templates to FundConnect, a trusted and experienced partner. Fully control where and when the data is disseminated by defining the scope and timing of data and document deliveries. Respect recipients’ delivery expectations as FundConnect will comply with the different technical and delivery requirements.

FundConnect Data Infrastructure Services

MiFID Data, PRIIPs Data and Documents
Solvency II, Look Through Data Exchange
Data for Nordic Funds and ETFs
Danish Fund Data Infrastructure

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