The Danish Fund Data Infrastructure

FundCollect serves as the centralized data infrastructure for the Danish mutual fund industry, as it relates to the collection and distribution of data, for both Danish fund groups, and International funds that wish to enter the Danish market.


The Company is a joint venture between The Danish Investment Fund Association (InvesteringsFondsBranchen) and FundConnect (formerly, INVESTiGATE A/S). The Company collects, processes and distributes mutual fund data, and offers a wide range of Internet-based information and simulation solutions. The infrastructure was established in 2002 and serves a key role on the Danish market, as all investment funds use FundCollect as a centralized hub and access point for their data.


Banks, Platforms, Data Vendors, Insurance Companies and other institutions can subscribe to the full scope of all types of Danish fund data and documents via FundCollect. The data can also be integrated into any of FundConnect's data sourcing or collection solutions under separate agreement. 


FundCollect is also a distributor of all of FundConnect's FundTech Solutions and offers the entire suite of solutions to the Danish market. 


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