Data and Document Collection 

Under the brand name PRIIPsHub, FundConnect's MiFID and PRIIPs data provision services encompass a number of components suited for small and large scale activities for financial institutions, platforms, data vendors and 3rd party distributors.


Our framework offers:


Proven Track Record

Our platform has been in operation for over 18 years and the MiFID and PRIIPs solutions are built on an established technical platform and proven data collection capability.

Best Coverage

By operating with a dedicated focus on the particular products & data types required by our clients and using active on demand data collection.

Stronger Compliance

We offer a wide variety of regulatory data and employ proprietary algorithms designed to provide cross data analysis and quality checks.

State of the Art Technical Framework

Our platform offers a wide range of delivery mechanisms that are easy to implement and we also offer customized solutions. 


Fully outsourced data collection and processing with the ability to receive free data from the asset managers who are members of our platform. 



UCITS KIID and KID for PRIIPs Collection

Our services include the integration of all languages and accross all juristictions. We can also provide PHS (Singapore) and KFS (Hong Kong). 


MiFID II Data Collection (EMT)

We offer off the shelf availability for more than 90.000 EMTs, which can be delivered in flexible methods and formats. The active collection process will ensure complete coverage for your product universe.


PRIIPs Data Collection (EPT, CEPT)

We offer off the shelf availability for more than 40.000 EPTs. The active collection process will ensure complete coverage for your product universe. If you only require the charges from the EPT, we can collect a truncated version containing these.


Golden Source

We only use golden-source information, gathered directly from Product Manufacturers or their appointed service providers. 


Technical flexibility

We offer personalized sourcing of documents and data with Straight Through Processing (STP) integration within client databases, trading systems, brokers, web document libraries, websites and more. Our data exchange infrastructure supports deliveries in all types of formats via all different types of protocols including Web Services, API's, SFTP, FTP and email. Our document delivery solutions are straight forward and easy to implement and do not require development on your end.


PRIIPsHub Portal

Our customers receive free & instant access to the PRIIPsHub portal, which offers real-time access to EMT data and documents.

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