Complete Collection Solution for Solvency II Data

TPTConnect operates as a data request and collection mechanism for Solvency II look through data. You can completely outsource your data collection process and reduce your operational resources and receive data in a uniform delivery structure and format.

Reduce operational resources

We perform all collection activities and follow ups, convert incoming formats into one uniform format, and operate as a single source in a centralized delivery structure.

Improve coverage

We employ active collection and chase issuers to deliver the data. If they are not able to deliver the TPT, we can convert their data into a TPT delivery structure and format.

Best business model

We are flexible and create a business and data framework that matches your unique needs. We also help alleviate the use of legal resources with our industry standard NDA approach.

Best of breed technology

We convert incoming files into one uniform TPT format. API delivery available, customized service levels available, service support center.


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