500+ Manufacturers and Distributors Connected to FundConnect's Data Ecosystem

What Challenges are the Distributors Facing?

Uniform Reporting Date

Current sources may not be able to provide a clean feed or delivery only consisting of Year-End EMTs.

Poor Data Quality

Data quality is inconsistent and you need a second source for compliance checks.

Technological Limitations!

New incoming EMT data often overrides existing entries, making it impossible to save all Year-End data in one place.

Free data exchange Pass Through membership for manufacturers and distributors

Simple & transparent process

Short time-to-market

Easy implementation

The PRIIPsHub EMT Ecosystem

PRIIPsHub currently processes EMT data for close to 100.000 ISINs, from over 350 asset managers, with a downstream network of recipients that includes over 400 distributors.

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Asset Managers


Fund companies & other PRIIPs products *)


Free Pass Through of EMT V1 **)Free access to PRIIPsHub's portal with over 250.000 ISINs


You deliver via E-mail, SFTP the EWG EMT in CSV, FundsXML, openfunds



Banks, Online Brokers, Insurance companies, Funds of Funds


Free Pass Through of EMT V1 **)Free access to PRIIPsHub's portal with over to 250.000 ISINs


We deliver bulk files via Download, SFTP, Portal as a bulk EMT V1 CSV file

*) For structured products, derivatives and other PRIIPs products other than funds, please contact us for details.

**) The free Pass Through is currently supporting EMT V1. EMT V2 is still not fully endorsed across the industry. FundsXML and openfunds have also not adopted EMT V2. If you are a FundConnect Infrastructure Member we are happy to provide a bespoke distribution or collection solution in EMT V2.

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