Factsheet Production

Automate the production of beautiful PDF or Web factsheets with vector based graphics, matching your visual design, updated real-time or monthly. Reduce operational resources and costs with a scalable solution which produces flawless factsheets in different country outputs or for different investor types. Perform multi-currency calculations of performance and risk figures. Store public or non-public factsheets in our document archive. Finalize the production cycle with customised dissemination matching the recipients’ delivery protocols.

Reduce operational and cost resources

Instant and automated calculations of performance and risk figures; data inheritance of basic data fields; immediate publishing on your website

Support marketing and sales efforts

One single scalable solution that ensures all country or investor-specific requirements for publication and data dissemination are covered

Meet unique business requirements

Multi-currency calculations, multi-language solutions with flexibility in data content and display; monthly or daily on the fly updates

Position your brand

Customised graphic elements, layouts and vector based graphics to create documents which fully represent your brand

Ultra-modern technology

  • Automated factsheet creation (real-time or monthly)
  • Charts support dynamic time periods or different time-frames
  • Customizable display of portfolio holdings and asset allocations
  • Multi-language factsheets and multi-currency calculations
  • Easy inclusion of additional elements, for example ESG information

Intelligent solution

  • Data inheritance which saves up to 90% in time required for updates
  • Audit trail on each element and field content analysis
  • Use our category medians and sector codes to save on royalty fees
  • Update data from a variety of sources, directly or from fund administrators or other sanctioned 3rd parties

Customised settings and data control

  • Make content updates instantly
  • Manage the settings for data display or hiding data
  • Fully control the colour scheme or graphical elements in the factsheets
  • Control the information output on an ISIN level within our data portal
  • Perform reviews of the factsheets before publishing

Publication synergies

  • Fixed links for automatic updates within web solutions or with recipients
  • Document library with document archive
  • Dissemination of documents
  • Factsheet module can be integrated on client's website

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