500+ Manufacturers and Distributors connected to FundConnect's Data Ecosystem

Benefits of connecting to the Fund Data Ecosystem

More agile sale of 3rd party products

By having complete coverage of data and documents off the shelf, distributors are able to easily add new products to their offering.

Reduce regulatory risk

By accessing high quality and highly updated data, which is run through our compliance check process. We also offer an archive for data and documents.

Lower data exchange costs

By using Straight-Through Processing (STP) we are able to offer a free or low-cost source of data and documents for distributors.

Build on industry data standards

FundConnect operates as an industry utility for the benefit of all participating stakeholders, following industry standards such as from FinDatEx.

We help to improve transparency between the asset managers and distributors

Higher data quality & availability

Decreased time-to-market for sales

Easy implementation

The FundConnect Fund Data Ecosystem

The Ecosystem currently stores EMT data and documents for over 250.000 ISINs, from almost 600 asset managers, a part of these being Ecosystem members. Distributors will be able to consume all ISINs which are members of the Ecosystem. FundConnect services a downstream network of distributors, banks, insurers, fund of funds that includes over 400 recipients. Generally, FundConnect works with the following data types: Fund Documents, Holdings and Solvency II, MiFID and PRIIPs Data, NAVs, Static Data and more.

Fund Data Ecosystem for Distributors


Online brokers
Insurance companies
Funds of Funds


Free EMT Version 1
Free EMT Version 3 and conversions between V1 and V3
Year-End EMT
Free access to PRIIPsHub's portal with over 250.000 ISINs


We deliver bulk files via:
Portal Downloads

Specialized and customized services (extra charges)

Customized feeds and solutions
Specialized data collection and dissemination
Customized validations
API and Web Solutions

FundConnect’s role and Ecosystem concept


To work as an industry utility with both distributors & asset managers

- We work with a consortium of distributors to build on top of industry data standardisation initiatives
- We help to devise & support best practices & technology solutions for optimal data exchange
- We help to improve transparency between the asset managers & distributors

Fund Data Ecosystem

Offering free data exchange for distributors & asset managers

- Free data exchange of EMT & KIID/KID for asset managers who qualify
- Free EMT & KIID/KID access for any distributor worldwide for asset managers who are members
- Data quality enhancement & risk mitigation
- Lower costs & more efficient fund distribution activities

Service Provider

Specialised and customized services for distributors & asset managers

- Customised technology solutions & protocols
- Proprietary data services
- Specialised data collection & dissemination services
- Individual & flexible business models and service frameworks

Get the free EMT and KIIDs/KIDs for reporting and/or data compliance purposes