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The Ecosystem Services

150+ distributors from 16 countries directly and 400+ distributors via partner network

The Ecosystem Distribution

Fund Companies can use the Ecosystem to service any recipients and 3rd parties

Join One of the Two Ecosystem Membership Options

Pass -Through Membership

Asset Managers deliver to FundConnect all data in industry formats, and distributors receive MIFID data free of charge
Asset Managers deliver to FundConnect all data in industry formats, and distributors receive MIFID data free of charge.
  • EMT data
  • COR
*There are no costs for either fund companies or fund distributors within Pass-Through structure
*Required data to qualify as Pass-Through members: EMT, KIID/KID, COR, Static Data (Masterfile), NAV, Holdings (optional)

Compliance Membership

Compliance Membership allows fund companies to exchange all conventional public fund data to fund distributors and data vendors
Fund companies pay per ISIN or sub-fund fee and all fund distributors and data vendors can receive all data freely.

Data included within Compliance Membership:

  • EMT data
  • Masterfile
  • NAV & Dividends
  • EPT
  • Holdings (optional)
To learn more about FundConnect Data Delivery Templates, please visit:

Benefits of the Compliance Membership

Branding & Sales

All of your data is free for Consortium Members and other users of the Ecosystem.
Achieve preferred status with distributors.

Centralised Golden Source of Data

We manage your deliveries from multiple sources.
We provide centralised storage and access to your data.

Save Resources

By making your data available to any distributor, data vendor or other recipient.
Using a single hub to disseminate all data types.

Increase Data Quality

With our additional data quality/consistency checks and FundConnect’s 360° Compliance validation and data service desk.


We accommodate you by providing additional data support & accepting alternative data delivery formats.

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    FundConnect’s Role and the Ecosystem Concept


    To work as an industry utility with both distributors & asset managers

    - We work with a consortium of distributors to build on top of industry data standardisation initiatives
    - We help to devise & support best practices & technology solutions for optimal data exchange
    - We help to improve transparency between the asset managers & distributors

    Fund Data Ecosystem

    Offering free data exchange for distributors & asset managers

    - Free data exchange of EMT & KIID/KID for asset managers who qualify
    - Free EMT & KIID/KID access for any distributor worldwide for asset managers who are members
    - Data quality enhancement & risk mitigation
    - Lower costs & more efficient fund distribution activities

    Service Provider

    Specialised and customised services for distributors & asset managers

    - Customised technology solutions & protocols
    - Proprietary data services
    - Specialised data collection & dissemination services
    - Individual & flexible business models and service frameworks