Fundtech Solutions

We offer a full suite of modular services that can also be customised to handle the bulk of your unique marketing and publication requirements. Our solutions support automation and provide scalability through a constant evolution to meet requirements throughout Europe. Employing the entire suite of products will allow you to reduce resources, improve data quality & compliance and support marketing & sales efforts. The hub concept allows you to create a golden copy database that ensures data consistency throughout your market-wide publication.

Complete Suite of Products

Europe’s most comprehensive suite of fund data publication and distribution services

Data Consistency and Accuracy

Centralised data maintenance portal to control the publishing of information


Our architecture encompasses solutions for all types of fund data. Data can be re-used throughout the different services

Our Products

Select individual components or create a complete outsourced fund data infrastructure

FundConnect operates with a series of modular services and products, which can be used individually, or combined to create an entire fund data infrastructure. Data can be collected from a variety of sources and stored centrally. Any data can be re-used throughout the different services and packaged in bespoke outputs, with multi-language and multi-currency capability. Our platform is a constantly evolving infrastructure driven by the needs of the pool of participating industry stakeholders and clients. All of our products can be modified to address client specific requests, with the new features being rolled out for the benefit of all participants.

Responsive Web Solutions

We offer customised responsive I-frame solutions, widgets and web services that are some of the most advanced and flexible in the world and have been doing so for over 16 years.

Document Production

Our document production solutions allow you to address the entire process from start to finish. The automated production platform, fixed link directory for automated web publishing, and global document distribution services cover the entire process.

Data Distribution

We offer Europe’s most comprehensive set of data and documents that can be included in our customised data dissemination solutions. You can quickly add any new data types that are requested and provide data to any distributor, data vendors, analysts, media, clearing organisations, public bodies etc.