Automated Fact Sheet Production

Automated, customized PDF factsheets, vector based graphics, in your design, updated on the fly or monthly


Reduce Operational Resources

We offer automated calculation of performance and risk figures on the fly, data inheritance of basic data fields and immediate publishing on your website. 

Meet Unique Business Requirements

By making use of our multi-currency calculations, multi-language solutions with flexibility in data content and display; monthly or daily on the fly updates.

Position Your Brand

Customized graphic design, layouts and vector based graphics to help you meet your branding needs.


Our features

Advanced technology

Automated creation (dynamic on the fly or monthly); Customized graphic design layouts; Multi-currency calculations of performance and risk figures; Multi-language (translation can be arranged)

Customized settings and data control

Make content updates on the fly; Manage the settings for data display or hide the data; Control the information output on an ISIN level within our data portal

Smart solution framework

Data inheritance; Audit trail, field content analysis; Use our category medians and sector codes to save on royalty fees; Update data from a variety of sources, directly or from fund administrators or other sanctioned 3rd parties

Publication synergies

Fixed links for automatic update within web solutions; Storage of public or non-public documents; Add-on service  - web document library module; Add-on service – document distribution


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