Global distribution via customized feeds and delivery protocols to ensure your data is fully updated on the market and with 3rd party fund distributors, platforms and data vendors.



Reduce Operational, Intellectual And IT Resources

We can directly interpret the different data syntax and definitions required by the recipients. Our advanced infrastructure supports all types of customized deliveries to your 3rd party distributors, and data vendors and maintain automated feeds. 

Avoid Negotiations And Communications With Data Recipients

Save time and let us interpret the formats, data syntax of the recipients, and negotiate what data is “need to have”.

Support The Sale Of Your Funds

We can help you ensure that all 3rd party distributors have the data they need to sell your funds.


Our features


Incorporate any new recipients or new data items upon request; Support changes in output formats, data syntax and delivery protocols

Full control of your data

Access centralized SAAS solution from multiple locations to maintain or view your data; Monitor your feeds in real time

Advanced technology

Data inheritance; Full audit trial; Multi language capability; Storage of public or non-public data

Publication synergies

Integrate any of the fields in the Masterfile database within KIID or factsheet outputs; Reuse any of the data in web solutions


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