Industry Data Infrastructure Services

Fund Associations, fund platforms, data vendors & multinational financial institutions

FundConnect provides a technical and operational backbone for facilitating large fund industry enterprises with large scale data collection, distribution and web publication services. The services are modular and can be fully customized to meet individual business requirements and country specific requirements.

The services comprise some of the following components:

  • Data & Document Collection: Fund data including NAVs, portfolio holdings, masterfile data, FPP, KIID & other documents, tax data, etc.
  • Web Publication Services: Integrated I-Frame solutions for fund pricing lists, interactive web fact sheets, document libraries (all based on collected data or documents).
  • Data & Document Distribution: Large scale distribution services that are customized to incorporate input from one or a variety of sources and package the data in the required outputs.

The Danish Fund Data Infrastructure- FundCollect

The most poignant example of an industry data infrastructure FundCollect, which is a joint venture with the Danish Mutual Fund Association. FundCollect collects and distributes all fund data for the members of IFB and a great majority of the other funds in Denmark. The infrastructure handles NAV processing for all listed funds on NASDAQ OMX, all NAV processing for non-listed funds. Also included are the Danish market statistics, portfolio holdings, masterfile data, tax data and the Key Investor Information documents for the industry.

Other examples of Industry Data Infrastructure Services include:


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