Data collection, distribution & web publication

FundConnect provides tax figure distribution services for investment management companies. We can also create web publication solutions for ensuring that your tax data is publicized and accessible.
The services can include European Savings Directive (EUSD), German or Swiss tax data.
The German tax data includes: Zwischengewinn, Aktiengewinn ESTG, Aktiengewinn KSTG, Immobiliengewinn and others.


What is the EU Savings Directive

The European Savings Directive is the Government’s legislation on taxation of savings in the form of interest payments. The idea of the directive is for countries to exchange information about the payment of savings income with their tax authorities. In accordance with the Directive, mutual fund companies are required to provide a series of tax information, such as Taxable Interest per Share, Taxable Interest per Distribution and an Asset Test that defines the overall amount of taxable assets in the portfolio.


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