Data Collection, Publication & Distribution

FundConnect's infrastructure services encompass a number of modules for large scale activities for financial institutions, platforms, data vendors and 3rd party distributors.

UCITS KIID and KID for PRIIPs Collection

Collection of large numbers of links or PDF documents with STP integration within trading systems, web document libraries.

Document Publication

Infrastructure for storing and archiving documents and making them public via fixed URLs which are automatically updated each time a document has been saved or received, or packaging the documents within an I-Frame document library in the client's own corporate identity. FundConnect has provided the following KIID library for the Danish Mutual Fund Association here.

KIID and KID for PRIIPs Distribution

FundConnect currently distributes documents to hundreds of  European recipients in the required formats. Our dissemination services are customer defined and take account of all downstream requirements.

Fixed Link Depository

Clients who perform their own document production or use a provider that cannot provide fixed links to the documents, can use our infrastructure to upload PDF's or non-active links and then receive a fixed link that always points to the most recently uploaded document or link. This allows them to integrate the links within web frameworks, or perform document distribution in a more logical manner. The recipients are able to store the links in their databases which prevents constant updates or document deliveries.

KID for PRIIPs and MiFID II data exchange

FundConnect's data infrastructure can be used to collect data on underlying instruments or to disseminate your information to manufacturers of the KID who need your data. We are also able to both collect MiFID II target market information from the issuers and also distribute MiFID II information to distributors. Our data exchange infrastructure supports deliveries in all types of formats via all different types of protocols including Web Services, API's, SFTP, FTP and email. 


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