Delivering Documents to FundConnect

FundConnect’s Ecosystem offers a variety of delivery options including multiple formats and protocols.
We currently work with he following document types: KIID, PRIIPS KID, Prospectus, Annual Report, Semi-Annual Report, Fund Rules, Factsheet, Quarterly Report, Monthly Report, Simplified Prospectus and Supplement.

You should include all of your documents for all of your public funds in the deliveries.

Delivery format

You can provide your documents as:
- fixed links
- dynamic (non-fixed) links
- PDFs

Delivery of Links

The most efficient manner of integrating documents into our platform is by providing links, which point to the most updated document. If you provide links, you can use one of the below templates, which can contain either fixed or dynamic links, accompanied by the required meta data.

FundConnect’s template

FundsXML document template

If you produce “generic” PRIIPs KIDs, we will need your entire product hierarchy in order for us to match the documents with the individual underlying products.

Delivery of PDFs

If you prefer to provide your documents as PDFs, you can send them as a compressed file (ZIP) delivery.

You will need to provide the documents in a ZIP folder along with a single meta data file describing a minimum set of details about the documents being imported. The metadata file can be provided in CSV or XML format. The ZIP file must have the following naming convention, which indicates the date (yyyyMMdd) and the hour, minutes and seconds of the preparation of the file (hhmmss):

Example naming:

Delivery Protocols

You can deliver your data via SFTP or Email.


In order to set up the SFTP delivery, contact us at [email protected].
We will provide you with our sFTP details which you can use to send us your data.

If you would like us to collect data from your SFTP, please provide us with your sFTP server details:
- UserID
- Password
- Host

Note: The file name must be consistent with each delivery.


Your documents should be provided to [email protected]

Email subject: Company name_Documents
File name: Company name_Documents

Note: The subject and the file name must be consistent with each delivery.

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