Delivering NAV and Dividends to FundConnect

FundConnect’s Ecosystem offers a variety of delivery options including multiple formats and protocols.

You can provide us with one of the following 3 file types:
- a simplified template created by FundConnect, which is relevant for meeting the requirements of the Consortium of distributors that use our Ecosystem,
- FundsXML Share Class Data template, or
- Openfunds template

Delivery format

The template should contain information for all of your public products. It should be filled out in accordance with the latest requirements as dictated by the selected standard that you have chosen to use for your reporting.
You can provide your files the FundConnect standard in CSV or XLSX formats, the openfunds standard in CSV or XLSX formats or in FundsXML.

FundConnect template:

openfunds template:

Delivery Protocols

You can deliver your data via SFTP or Email.


In order to set up the SFTP delivery, contact us at [email protected].
We will provide you with our sFTP details which you can use to send us your data.

If you would like us to collect data from your SFTP, please provide us with your SFTP server details:
- UserID,
- Password
- Host

Note: The file name must be consistent with each delivery.


Your NAV should be provided to [email protected]

Email subject: Company name_NAV
File name: Company name_NAV

Note: The subject and the file name must be consistent with each delivery.

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