Responsive Web Solutions

We offer both standard and highly customised web solutions in responsive design. A standard solution can have the look and feel of a customised solution as existing building blocks can be arranged according to your requirements and presented in your own layout and design. Alternatively, we can develop extremely customised solutions that display alternative data visualisations and controls. The standard framework is cost-efficient and can offer a state-of-the-art solution. However, the customised solutions can match those of a web bureau at a fraction of the cost.

Cost Efficiency

Customised solution at standard pricing
Fully automated = resource reduction
FundConnect royalty free sector allocations
FundConnect royalty free medians

Cross Border Solutions

Country specific versioning

Our Features

Fund Center

• Central access point for all funds
• Updated “on-the-fly” – each time new data is received
• Customised selection of data types in list form
• Granulated multi-tab structure
• Document library
• Country versions to display authorised funds
• Responsive design for mobiles & tablets

Dynamic Web Fact Sheet

• Updated “on-the-fly” – each time new data is received
• Performance & risk calculations
• Data inheritance
• Dynamic features/data visualisation
• Display/hide building blocks by ISIN
• Multi-tab information display
• Country variants
• Responsive design for mobiles & tablets

Analytical Tools

• Fund compare module
• Portfolio X-Ray
• Advisory portals

Web Services

• APIs
• Widgets