SFDR status form

FinDatEx has accommodated the need for data exchange by introducing a new versionof European MiFID Template (EMT) version 3.1, that includes additional ESG fields.FundConnect is ready to support you regarding EMT V3.1 and disseminate your information to the very many distributors that we serve.We would like to know your current status regarding this issue, so we hope you’ll give us feedback on your preferred option:

    We intend to provide EMT V3.0 and EMT V3.1 in parallel nowWe intend to provide EMT V3.0 for now, but we will be providing EMT V3.1 as well in the nearest futureWe intend to provide only EMT v3.0 for the time beingWe intend to provide both versions, but we are not able to do that technically. Please support us in this regard