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Delivering Year End EMTs to FundConnect/PRIIPsHub

Via Email

If you wish to deliver the Year End EMT data to us via email, please send the files to [email protected]. Please note that this email address is used solely for the Year End EMT files.

Compliant files: EMT V3 in CSV, Excel, FundsXML or openfunds formats

We support the European Working Group (EWG) EMT V3 for Year End deliveries. The template can be found on our website: https://priipshub.com/european-working-group.

We support the delivery in CSV, Excel, FundsXML or openfunds. The file must be a bulk file containing data for all ISINs.

For delivering proprietary templates or non-compliant files, please contact us via the "Become a Member" button below in order to become a FundConnect Infrastructure Member.

Retrieving the bulk Year End EMT file

Web Service

We will provide a link, where users can download the feed once they have inserted their login details. The login is personal and will be created by contacting us at [email protected].


If you wish to retrieve the bulk delivery through SFTP, we will provide you with a username and password. Due to security reasons, we need your IP-address range. Please send your IP-ranges to [email protected] to initiate the process.

PRIIPsHub Portal

The file can also be downloaded via the PRIIPsHub Portal. The PRIIPsHub Portal contains regular EMT data on almost 140.000 ISINs. In case you do not have a login yet, please contact us at [email protected].

File Format

We will provide access to a bulk CSV file containing all the EMTs with Year-End ex-post costs and charges. Please note that due to the large file size, email deliveries are not available under the free service. If you would like customized email deliveries, please contact us.


Please note that the sharing of login information is strictly forbidden.

It is strictly forbidden to make any of information or data downloaded or received from PRIIPsHub/FundConnect available to any 3rd parties without prior written accept from us.

The PRIIPsHub EMT Ecosystem

PRIIPsHub currently processes EMT data for close to 140.000 ISINs, from over 350 asset managers, with a downstream network of recipients that includes over 400 distributors.

Learn more about PRIIPsHub.

Please contact us for any questions or register below for a FundConnect Infrastructure Membership